Inflatable Work Life Jacket (Pilot Suit)
  • Inflatable Work Life Jacket (Pilot Suit)Inflatable Work Life Jacket (Pilot Suit)

Inflatable Work Life Jacket (Pilot Suit)

MAIN TECHNICAL PARAMETERS:(1)Lifejacket weight:≤1.0 kg; (2)Automatic inflation time into water:≤5s;(3)Floating time:≥24h; (4)Buoyancy:≥150N;(5)Buoyancy loss after 24 hours:≤5%; (6)CO2 gas weight:33g;(7)Distance from the mouth to the water surface when statio......


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Product Description


(1)Lifejacket weight:≤1.0 kg;               
(2)Automatic inflation time into water:≤5s;
(3)Floating time:≥24h;                   
(5)Buoyancy loss after 24 hours:≤5%;           
(6)CO2 gas weight:33g;
(7)Distance from the mouth to the water surface when stationary after entering the water:≥100mm;

(8)Ambient temperature for use:-30℃~+65℃。


ZHGQY (T) ZD-Ⅲ inflatable work life jacket meets the standard requirements of ISO 12402-3:2020 and ISO 12402-9:2020 Personal Buoyancy Equipment. It consists of a nylon cloth composite TPU air chamber, an automatic inflation device, a CO2 gas cylinder, a jacket, and a mouth blowing tube. In the event of a drowning emergency, the automatic inflation device can inflate the air chamber within 5 seconds, or it can pull a manual pull rope to inflate the air chamber and form a buoyancy force to ensure the safety of the drowning person. This product is small in size, light in weight, comfortable to wear, and convenient to use. It is suitable for lifesaving of various types of water navigation ship operators, and can also be used as personal protective equipment for leisure lifesaving,And provide specific lifejackets for pilots.

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