President Speech

We are in tlelden opportunity for China's rapid economic development. Zhenhua Company, as an enterprise shouldering industry responsibility and social mission, with its own innovation and struggle, is actively involved in this unparalleled experience of future creation. Honesty and responsibility are the basis of our work, improving consumer life taste is the driving force of our unremitting innovation, wisdom and effective learning is our leading peer secret. In Zhenhua company, "keeping pace with the times" is not a fashionable empty talk, but the law of our survival. Only in this way can we realize the enterprise concept of "being a respected society". Although the road to success is hard, as long as we set our goals firmly, we can make ourselves work from the heart. We hope that Zhenhua's innovative, harmonious and progressive corporate culture will enable employees to give full play to their passion and talents, and feel the joy of work at the same time, to achieve success.