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The role of Solid Lifebuoy

Now that the economy is developed, all kinds of transportation are available. However, for passengers on ships, most of them are basically unaware of the role of life-saving equipment on board and some safety knowledge. So, what is the role of Solid Lifebuoy?

Solid Lifebuoy is a major type of lifesaving equipment, which is used for lifesaving and is equipped to prevent danger on various ships or in various waters.

The role of Solid Lifebuoy is to support the drowning people and avoid sinking to the bottom; it is to ensure the safety of the crew and passengers, so that when a person falls into the water or the ship is in distress and abandons the ship, all the occupants on the ship can use these life-saving equipment to wait for rescue . Once a person falls into the water, the ambulance personnel will throw the lifebuoy to the drowning person, so that the drowning person can climb and help, and the ambulance personnel retrieve the lifeline and pull the drowning person to the side of the boat or the shore.

Use of lifebuoy

The thrower holds the lifeline of the lifebuoy with one hand, and throws the lifebuoy in the downstream direction of the drowning person with the other hand. Tie the lifeline to the railing and throw the lifebuoy with both hands.

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