• Rocket Parachute Flare Signal is a distress signal that can be hung under a parachute and continue to burn for a certain period of time after it is launched into the air to a certain height, and emits a red light with a certain luminous intensity and descends at a slow speed.


  • Now that the economy is developed, all kinds of transportation are available. However, for passengers on ships, most of them are basically unaware of the role of life-saving equipment on board and some safety knowledge.


  • Marine Work Life Jacket: Made of high-strength waterproof material, similar to the principle of inflatable lifebuoy or swimming ring. Divided into automatic inflatable or passive inflatable.


  • Ningbo Zhenhua Life-Saving Equipment Co.,Ltd. and Ningbo Zhenhua Electrical Equipment Co.Ltd. are located in Xiangshan Harbor, East China Sea, Zhejiang Province(China life jacket)


  • The smoke signals used for distress calls on ships are generally orange smoke signals. So, what is the orange smoke signal for ships? How is it used?


  • The maritime department organizes relevant business departments every year to inspect the ship’s smoke signal flares. In addition, general ocean navigation ships must be equipped with 6 hand-held pyrotechnic sticks, 4 orange smoke flares, and 12 parachute flares. So, what is a smoke signal?