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  • On November 30, 2021, our company applied to the CCS Zhejiang Branch for the TPU tape -raid life raft type. The leaders of the CCS Zhejiang Branch attached great importance to the guidance of the assistance enterprise led by the CCS Zhejiang Branch.


  • ZHENHUA specializes in the manufacture of self-inflating jackets for hand-held (hand), designed and manufactured in accordance with Europee jacket is inflated, use the protruding part of the cap to press the valve to test. The valve should be easily pressed. When it is released, it should be restored to the closed position and sealed again.
    3. Appearance inspection of the outer cover and the webbing - check the outer cover cloth, seams, webbing connections, buckles, etc.; the fading of the cloth indicates that the strength is weakened, and the strength is checked by tightening the joint and the connecting portion. If the lifejacket has any damage, it needs to be replaced, and the test should be carried out before going out.
    Fourth, storage
    Store in a clean, cool, dry place.
    Do not place soluble parts in an environment where humidity and temperature are too high for too long.
    Dissolved parts of vented packaging cannot be stored in sealed containers when transported.
    The storage time of soluble parts should not exceed 18 months before use.
    How to test your life jacket
    1. Put on a life jacket (exhaust state) into the shallow water area (water depth should be enough to keep your head above the water).
    2. The automatic inflator will act and then inflate.
    3. Tilt your head backwards to see if the air-filled life jacket can lift you up (the back is slightly tilted back) in a relaxed state of floating to see if your mouth is just above the water.
    4. Repeat these steps, the life jacket is blown inflated, and the life jacket is partially inflated so that you can be adequately supported to complete the inflation. Note: Auto-inflatable life jackets are not recommended for those who are weak or not swimming.
    5. Remove, vent, cool and reinstall according to the manufacturer's instructions.


  • The life jacket should be printed with the ship's name and port of registry. Store in a cool, dry environment, avoid prolonged sun exposure, and do not touch corrosive substances such as acids and alkalis, so as not to damage the life jacket;


  • The company has a complete ISO9001 production management system, marine life-saving fireworks signal products


  • Ningbo Zhenhua life-saving equipment is exported to overseas


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