Life-saving Positioning

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  • ZHAIS100 is an innovative multimode receiving terminal specially developed by our company for the scenarios of lakes, inland rivers, offshore vessels, shore based, and offshore operating platforms, which can be applied to life jackets, life rafts, onboard flat panels, and various emergency position indication alarms. This terminal is based on the new generation AIS+DSC VDL (VHF Data Link) universal maritime navigation Internet of Things protocol, featuring small size, low power consumption, long-distance, and high sensitivity.

  • ZHMOB103 is a portable positioning and alarm terminal for personnel falling into water that is specially developed for personnel working on ships, lakes, and inland rivers, and is applied to intelligent life jackets or lifeboats. This device is based on the new generation of AIS+DSC VDL (VHF Data Link) universal maritime communication and Internet of Things protocol. It has the characteristics of miniaturization, low power consumption, fast response, high positioning, and long working time, and meets the latest IMO MOB standard specifications (IEC 63269 Ed.1). It is very suitable for typical applications such as life jacket intelligent positioning communication devices that require miniaturization and ultra-long working hours.

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