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On July 5th, the leaders of CCS Zhejiang Branch came to our company to guide and issue TPU adhesive life raft recognition certificates

On November 30, 2021, our company applied to the CCS Zhejiang Branch for the TPU tape -raid life raft type. The leaders of the CCS Zhejiang Branch attached great importance to the guidance of the assistance enterprise led by the CCS Zhejiang Branch.

With the strong support of the Zhejiang Branch of China Care Club, we finally completed the first TPU tape -ramp -based raft recognition test. In order to better develop, combined with product process requirements, the company renovated 600 square meters of workshops to relocate the front road production process of the TPU raft to the new workshop.

At the same time, the company has begun the trial production of self -supporting TPU tape rafts. In the later period of development, we encountered difficulties and will continue to help the leaders of the CCS Zhejiang Branch as usual as usual. It is hoped that under the help and guidance of the CCS Zhejiang Branch, we continue to work hard to complete the type recognition experiments of the self -supporting series of life rafts, which will improve the series of TPU adhesive rafts.

At present, the TPU tape library life raft is blank in China. In foreign countries, in high -end fields such as military industry are already in use. After the leaders of the CCS Zhejiang Branch helped us apply for EU certification and evidence collection, we will increase our efforts to open up the international market, better serve customers at home and abroad, and strive for more international market orders. Strive for good economic benefits, make greater contributions to the stable development of enterprises and make greater contributions to the national economic development.

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