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3 kinds of lamps marine lifebuoy light detailed use introduction

It is suitable for indicating the position of the life jacket or the lifebuoy at sea at the time of the ship's drowning personnel and rescuers for the purpose of rapid rescue.
    Marine lifebuoy lights indicate the location and direction of the ship in navigation. There are three kinds of xenon lamps, side lights and tail lights.
    Xenon lamp: Installed on the top of the mast on the center line of the ship's head and tail, showing uninterrupted white light in the horizontal arc of 225° in front, with a distance of 2 to 6 nautical miles.
    Sidelights: There are red lights on the port side and green lights on the starboard side, which are placed on the left and right sides of the cab bridge.
    Each of them displays uninterrupted red and green lights in a horizontal arc 22.5° behind the ship and in front of the ship's side. The distance is 1 to 3 nautical miles.
    Taillight: Installed at the stern, showing uninterrupted white light in a horizontal arc of 135° behind, and can see a distance of 2 to 3 nautical miles.
    A signal light indicates the state of the ship or a type of luminaire that provides a light. There are ring lights, mooring lights, flash lights and communication flashes.
    Circumference light: It can display uninterrupted white, red, green or yellow lights in a 360° horizontal arc, and can see a distance of 2 to 3 nautical miles.
    Mooring light: A ship that is anchored in a white light that hangs from the bow and the stern of the boat from sunset to sunrise.
    Flash: Mounted above the sidelights, when the ship is turning left and right, a red or green ring light is emitted at regular intervals.
    Communication flash: Also known as Morse signal light. Manually operated, a white light is emitted according to the Morse telegraph code signal for short-range communication. Includes a directional illuminating hand-held or rotating cradle-type communication flash, and a dome-lit communication flash.
    Marine lifebuoy light parameters
    Marine lifebuoy light luminous intensity ≥ 2cd
    Marine lifebuoy light working time ≥ 2 hours
    Marine lifebuoy lamp working voltage DFQD-L-A marine lifebuoy light is 2.9V, DFQD-L-B marine lifebuoy light is 6V
    Marine lifebuoy light storage ambient temperature - 30 °C ~ + 65 °C
    Marine lifebuoy lamp working environment temperature - 1 °C ~ + 30 °C
    Marine lifebuoy light-emitting type DFQD-L-A marine lifebuoy light is always on, DFQD-L-B marine lifebuoy light is flashing
    Marine lifebuoy light flash frequency DFQD-L-B is 50 ~ 70 times / minute
    Marine lifebuoy light color is white