Marine Thermal Working Lifejacket

Marine Thermal Working Lifejacket

Marine thermal working lifejacket The biggest feature of this paragraph is light, soft, super buoyancy, completely solve the heavy feeling of clothes

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Product Description

Marine Thermal Working Lifejacket

The biggest feature of this Marine Thermal Working Lifejacket is light, soft, super buoyancy, completely solve the heavy feeling of clothes, affecting the work, welcome friends to call to discuss


Marine warmth work life jacket, also known as marine warm work life jacket (using special materials to save life, keep warm, wind, fire, warning and other functions.)


Strength of Marine Thermal Working Lifejacket:

Hanging 90kg weight, no deformation after 10 minutes.


The warmth is good, and the multi-layered super-smooth material is wind-resistant and warm, suitable for high-cold and strong wind working environment at sea.

It is easy to wear, does not affect the work, beautiful, bright colors, reflective tape and whistle on the shoulders.


The product introduction of Marine Thermal Working Lifejacket is as follows:


Appearance color: The Marine Thermal Working Lifejacket is orange in color and is easy to see.

Appearance style: long sleeve style, hot sale specifications


Appearance soft material of Marine Thermal Working Lifejacket

Soft material near the wearer's jaw, neck and underarm pad. The fabric and lining material are viscose, the process technology is PU coating, and Teflon is waterproof and oil resistant. Made of nylon silk (nylon oxford) inner and outer waterproof coating, the fabric is soft and cold-resistant, the surface is not sticky, the service life is more than three times that of ordinary nylon silk fabric, waterproof, windproof, anti-UV, warm, reflective night vision.


Wearing: The life jacket can be properly worn within 20s. After the life jacket is immersed in water, the stability of the floating material is very good, the sewing process is reasonable, and there will be no accumulation, wrinkles and affecting the wearing effect.


Material strength: Brass breaking strength 784N, density of cloth: not less than 106 latitude and longitude lines per 100mm, tie-break strength: 882N, suture breaking strength: machine stitch 19.6N.


The whole product and all materials have been tested by the Marine Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center and are in line with national requirements. The overall product inspection includes: sewing requirements, floating state, diving test, high and low temperature cycle test, buoyancy loss, strength test, etc., and also includes some tests that are resistant to combustion, oil, acid and alkali, and all are qualified.


Scope of application of Marine Thermal Working Lifejacket: 

The life jacket is suitable for the safety protection of marine fishing operations, flood fighting and rescue, ship personnel, water tourism, industrial and mining enterprises. It is the preferred overalls for water workers in winter.

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